Documents required to register a business

Documents required to register a business
Introduction of Representative Offices (ROs)
Documents required to register a business
Processing procedure (diagram)
Fee for company formation (based in Shenzhen)
Documents to be handed over after completion

Documents required to set up a representative office

1. Copy of Business License of the foreign company which was certificated by Chinese Embassy
2. Credit letters from the foreign bank to declare a good credit within at least current 6 months
3. Letter by the foreign company which includes who is appointed Chief Representative of the RO. The letter needs to be signed and stamped by Chairman
4. The resume, a copy of the passport and 4 passport photos of the Chief Representative of the RO
5. Brief introduction of the foreign company including name, address and telephone number; the address and contact number of the managing director aboard
6. Registered address, leasing contract, ownership certificate of the real estate (The real estate should be built for business use), and certificate for leasing
7. If there is(are) Representatives to be stationed in China in addition to the Chief Representative, the resume, 2 photos, passport copy, contact number of the Representative and the address where the Representative will be staying while she/he is China.

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